My worst holidays in Greece

Originally I was about to pick my plane to Rhodes Island and start my all-inclusive Rhodes holidays for a week. And now I am just sitting in a Starbucks in Athens hoping to put into words how I am feeling about having been pick-pocketed today at the open air market below the Acropolis. I was carrying about $250 Euros in a change purse in my backpack in one of the zippered compartments. Shortly after I bought some worry beads from a vendor I was in a crowd of people and felt someone push against me. I thought nothing of this since it was very crowded and I was used to the push of a crowd. I went to pay for something at another shop and was shocked to notice that the zippered compartment of my backpack was unzipped and my change purse was missing.

A Flood of Emotions A flood of emotions raced through my body, it was all I could do to hold back the tears. I just wanted to sit down and cry but was afraid of remaining still on such a busy street. I did not want to open myself up to every pushy vendor, beggar and crazy person in the vicinity. I decided to seek refuge in my hotel room. On the way there I observed the numerous thoughts that passed through my mind. I started by blaming myself. What an idiot I was to leave myself so open to theft. I have traveled quite extensively and I know how to protect myself from this sort of thing. It was my own fault. Or maybe I had done something wrong (although I have no idea what) and now the universe was punishing me for it. Are These Really My Thoughts?

Wow! Are these really my thoughts? Not only was I a victim of theft, now I was victimizing myself that felt worse than anything the thief did. Why? I had done nothing wrong. I was happily shopping in Athens trusting in the good nature of people. My mind was on the fun I was having. I was chatting with the various vendors and learning about Greek lifestyle. I was not worried about predators. I was fully enjoying the moment. I was being carefree and nave. I had done nothing wrong why was I punishing myself? Would a child be punished for laughing and playing? How absurd! I Felt Anger Then I started to feel anger towards the person who did this to me.

This anger spread to the city of Athens. Anger is very heavy especially when it turns to hate. Hate is what grows in my heart when I do not let the hurt out. I knew at that moment that I needed to let myself feel hurt. Something bad had happened to me. I did nothing to deserve it. It just happened. The tears started to flow.