We’re not talking about fructose naturally contained in fruits and vegetables, but fructose as a sweetener industry, such as corn syrup.

Until recently it was thought that having a lower glycemic index than sugar did fatten up less. And instead of fructose has as it were a preferential metabolism which increases in hepatic triglycerides and inflammatory levels that significantly interfere with weight loss.

Since 2004 scientific work had shown that fructose, hired on an ongoing basis, increases insulin resistance like sugar and ease the onset of diabetes and metabolic diseases, such as obesity, how to lose weight healthy and fast while a study by 2013 showed that corn syrup causes obesity and cognitive decline, encouraging even the development of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Damage that would begin as early as pace, because it seems that if the expecting mother consumes fructose in large quantities, there is an activation of obesogeni mechanisms in children

10-eating fruit, but not industrial juicing

It is one thing to eat a fruit, with its contents of micronutrenti and fiber who satiating, it is one thing to drink litres of 100% fruit juices, even when they are, are deprived of the valuable substances contained in the whole fruit.

Fruit in a diet is welcome, but don’t forget that it’s still sweet, especially when we talk about grapes, bananas or figs. But also fruits consist largely of water as the watermelon you cannot define ‘ slimming ‘: a nice slice snack is refreshing, remineralizing and detoxifying, but you can’t eat half a watermelon instead of lunch in the illusion of slimming!

11-dark chocolate is good for you, but not a whole bar

What about the common belief that chocolate face slimming? First, we distinguish the pure cocoa from chocolate. Cocoa has undisputed ownership, is protective for the liver, precious and substances that can trigger contains polyphenols lipolytic mechanisms determining you, but we are talking about the pure cocoa.

Chocolate is a delicious sweet containing sugar and cocoa butter, which bring a lot of calories.

Goodbye chocolate then? No: one good quality dark chocolate with at least 75-80% cacao there is great, even in a weight loss program, but not a milk chocolate!

12-eat slowly and chew well

Hands up who has never eaten standing or in front of tv, PCs and Smartphones. And if you want to lose weight the food all looked, smelled, tasted, chewed slowly.

Please note that already during chewing activate a series of signals to the brain’s satiety centers, while the first signs in the blood arriving after 20 minutes, when you begin to absorb certain nutrients. If you eat fast, you are likely to finish an entire meal before noticing of being satiated!

Not only: eating slowly allows you to expand your stomach, gradually assimilate better what you eat, digest it more easily and better empty your bowel. If you chew bad stomach, food, whole pieces arrive that require more work with intestinal fermentations and swelling.

13-Study: does weight loss if it matches the sport

That study the brain work and that activate the brain glucose consumption increases is true, but to say that studying face slimming … should I study walking! And yet not only sitting, but it often falls into the temptation to nibble on something. Just look at our students, which averages aren’t quite skinny. In short, study can to lose weight if in the afternoon, you will have the option to disconnect with an hour of physical activity, otherwise useless illusion! (see also: keep fit: gymnastics with the stroller