Cost And Specifications Of HP LTO 6 – What Makes HP LTO 6 So Unique

This LTO merchandise from HP is re-writable tape which affords high capacity storage, management that is easy, expandable storage and backup of data.
Critical Specifications
The attributes you’ll find in HP LTO 6 contain :
Read – Daily/ short-term : 60 to 90°F (16 to 32°C); and long-term : 41 to 73°F (5 to 23°C).
Capacity of 6.25 – 20 to 60% (archival).
Measurements – Cassette – 30 Years.
Weight – 06 length : 27756’/ 846 m; tape width: 05″/ 1265 mm; cassette thickness : 64 um; and cartridge measurements : 445 x 11 x 437″/ 113 x 28 x 111 cm.
LTO cartridge pounds / 03 kg.
Safe AES memory chip facilitating speedy access time and enhanced media observation.
Ultrium Linear 256-bit encryption – This prevents unauthorized information access.
Storage temperatures Tape File System (LTFS) – This makes the tape easy -to-use, portable and flexible.
Write and Read speed of up to 400 MB/s.
Archival Life TB (Terabytes).
Over and above the HP LTO generation 6 cartridge, the outstanding that is preceding specifications packs functionalities and some additional features that add more value, specifically :-
a. Smart “grabber mechanism€- this mechanical link helps prevent the leader pin from being pulled inside the cassette framework.
b. Sensors availability – these help detect suitable connection and inhibit leader decline that would bust up the cassette.
c. Simplified tape route – this helps reduce wear, tear and accumulation of debris.
When all is said and done, HP own strict Compliance Verification (CV) methodology adopted for loading/ unloading, external stress, fall testing and others, goes a very long way in ensuring absolute reliability in data restoration.
What Are the Customers Saying? Responses from some verified buyers verify that a number of customers are not just satisfied with the LTO-6 operation, but would also happily recommend it to other end-users.
Pricing And Availability
The HP LTO 6 is readily accessible at a price from $43 on an order-now-to- ship -tomorrow basis:
• 25TB/ 625TB Capacity HP LTO-6 Ultrium Tape Media with Barium Ferrite (BaFe) – Cost from $50.
• 25TB/ 625TB Capacity HP LTO-6 WORM Ultrium Tape Media – Price from $5289.
• 25TB Native/ 625TB Quantum LTO-6 Ultrium Tape Cartridge – Cost from $30.
The LTO technology enables individuals and organizations in the IT business to save information for longer periods at a very cost-effective price (according to the Clipper Group, the average disk -based solution prices 26 times a lot more than the expense of owning a cassette -based solution).
Licensing LTO Ultrium Technology
The LTO software offers diverse and various licensing regimes. For example, licenses production, dealing with specifications and formatting of LTO products.
Customers and interested buyers searching for LTO Ultrium compliant products have to support the access to logo authentification symbols on both tape drives and the data cartridge. Information can be accessed by media and storage manufacturers keen on licensing the LTO format by contacting the LTO application web site.
The LTO Ultrium format is a robust, scalable, expandable open tape format started and constantly enhanced by technology power stations: Quantum Corporation, IBM Corporation and HP. The purpose was to help meet growing needs for data protection in moderate size to top notch players in the IT neighborhood.
There are clear indicators that cassette is a dependable and affordable medium for data and storage archiving. You may visit our website to find out more information about LTO 6. Australia is the best country you can find a good supplier company of data storage devices.