Red fur pompom hat Tutorial

I made first hat out of “test” pelts. I use three pelts, cutting 2 same-ish sized rectangle from two of the pelt, making them as big as likely. From third, I remove a circle for the topmost of the cap. I sewed it up plus learned a few stuffs in the procedure. What I was pointing for was a close-fitting hat with double-sided fur band besides a single-sided fur round top.

I cut the piece from the pelt using an exacto knife besides cutting upon the leather sideways. I cut PRECISE carefully to evade cut any of the fur. This was simple to find a fur to cut the round from, however the rectangles essential some cautious placement, besides yet then they were not ideal.

One of the difficulties while functioning with fur is that there is not any elasticity similar with wool or else yet fleece. After I prepared the test red fur pompom hat, I decided it will be better to work in several elastic in to one of the seam so as to the hat had a slight bit of give. I cut eight 1.5″ parts of elastic. I placed my two fur rectangle fur-side down, so as to the fur was all going in the similar course. I sewed the elastic as adjacent to the edging of the part on the right as likely. Then I gauged where the other ending of the elastic must be to create the two joined squares the precise length (plus seams allowance). I sewed down the other sideways of elastic to second rectangle.

The difficulty was that though you could not see the overlay from the outer owing to the fur, sewing it in this means left a fold. So, I sewed the elastic to the distant edging of the left square so as to all the “pull” would happen on that sideways of the fur, by the other sideways act as an anchor. The red fur bobble beanie hat had the give we were in search of and looked grand from the outside.

The following step was to segment the ring so as to it was in four trilateral sections that were hold together through just a little bit of leather at the end. The objective was to sew the top of the cap in to the layer of the band of the cap. The end product is that fur is double-sided about the band with single coating of fur on the topmost.

I then fold up the lowest side of the square to meet the topmost, creating it fur-side toward leather-side with the segment circle. If you remained to take a cross-sector of the tube, it will have been (from left toward right) leather-side of the outer of the band, fur-side of the top, leather-side of the top, fur-sideways of the band, fur-sideways of the internal of the band, leather sideways of the internal of the band.

I hand sewed along the distance of the tube by a blanket stitch, a quilting spine, and extra-sturdy quilting strand. I used a 1/4″ layer allowance besides worked gradually to make certain that each sew made it throughout all three layer. When I was over, I turned the tub correct side out. It viewed like a band of dual-sided fur with 4 fur triangle point out the top.

With the band fastened, I turned the red fur bobble hat inner out. Starting at the middle (or tips of every triangle) and working to the band, I sewed the four layers together again by means of a blanket sew to close the topmost of the hat.