Luxury Holidays with my family in Santorini Greece

I can count on one hand the number of family vacations we took growing up. Sure, we did things together, but it was normally a family trip to the movies or something like that. Rarely would we take a trip that would even require an overnight stay. That’s why it was surprising that the year we all graduated from high school our parents randomly decided that we needed to go on a family vacation here: Maybe they realized they were about to lose all five of us to colleges across the nation, and they wanted to take one last attempt at real family time.

Mom had always joked that after having five kids all at once, she hadn’t thought one or two children at once would be enough of a challenge, so she hadn’t bothered. The truth was she didn’t want more children. She’d always planned to only have one child, and after having five all at once, she’d been so paranoid that she might get pregnant again that she’d had her tubes tied soon after we were born. Now, though, as I sat in the tent I was sharing with my two sisters, Carol and Emma, I wondered if Mom was regretting that decision. Instead of letting go of her children gradually, she was now going to have to let us all go this fall.

“Think this vacation is Mom’s way of trying to convince at least one of us to stay home so she doesn’t lose us all at once?” Carol asked. “If she was trying that, she should at least have chosen a better vacation spot like Hawaii,” I said. “My idea of vacation is at least having an actual toilet,” Emma responded. ‘Hey, Dawn, didn’t you find a snake in the toilet when we went in there earlier?” Carol asked, turning to me.

“Yes, it was crawling out of the toilet. It was pretty freaky,” I admitted. A rustling at the tent door, which could be interpreted as a knock, interrupted the conversation. Carol, who was closest the door, rolled her eyes and then unzipped the door. If being without the modern conveniences of television, cell phones, and even just warm water for a shower wasn’t bad enough, our parents had told us that we were also going to go hiking and do other fun things like that. It appeared that fun was going to start right away.