girls can be attracted to human pheromones

You must believe any girls can be attracted to human pheromones. They will have more success early on. So, maybe like the first 6 months, you are going to have certain level of success and pheromone attraction will give us slower start but probably pretty even… where they really start to become different is in the stage after that. Learn about real pheromones at
Where the person who really masters the pheromone perfume would surely trounce the person who is only sexual framing, who only had a mechanical understanding of it. Who could only deliver statement and can escalate. Because the person who is in game dynamics, who is good at the mechanics of it, but also understands wh y they are doing it? 
Why things are happening? Where the confusion is ? That person is going to build to handle many more pheromonal situations. They are going to be able to turn things around that aren’t in a right way. They are going to pin point things before they are going in the wrong path regarding human pheromones thanks to
So, that the ir overall success rate is gonna be so much higher, particularly if they keep the sexual nature intact and give the same level of escalation. So, we gotta get anything out of the road here having to do with the actual mastery of it. I think one reason why sexual framing takes off a lot quicker as far as the results go. Because it has a lot more confidence thanks to the pheromones attraction. 
That’s was one thing about the Mystery method when it came out… a lot of people really started taking off of it. It was mainly because it got rid of the main problem which is “What do I do in all these situations?” You now, The Mystery Method, then all of a sudden, you had an explanation of what to do. Here’s how you open, here’s what you do if an obstacle comes in the set. Here’s how you engage with a set of human pheromones, here’s how you switch target. 
That’s what happens also sexual framing with sex pheromones. It gets rid of lot of the complexity. The person no longer necessarily feels like they are looking into like avoid or like a massive confusion all of a sudden. The basic idea is that, she is a sexual being, and you can liberate. That’s the basic idea that’s sexual framing is based on. Due to sexual gaming you can liberate. You can get what you want. You got that, you got the fundamental philosophy behind the sexual pheromones thanks to
 So, it removes that feeling of looking in her and most of the fear comes from, “I don’t know what’s gonna happen, am I gonna be able to handle what comes up?” That’s where the most of the fear comes from. “Can I handle what’s gonna come up?” And that sort of goes with the definition of confidence and confident. When someone’s confident its’ because they know that they are gonna be able to handle whatever situation comes up. Or actually confidently handle whatever situation comes up.